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Starter Compostable Disposables Kit

The Starter Kit is full of compostable straws, cups, cutlery and other dinnerware that will help your business make the big step of moving towards a greener, more compostable future. We are here to help reduce your footprint as much as possible, while fully understanding the uses of disposables in the workplace.

Everything Made in North America


There are about 500 MILLION plastic straws thrown out every day just in the United States! Save the environment one straw at a time!


With our strong construction design whether it’s Steak, Veggies, or Spaghetti, we got you covered!


From ice cold water to a delicious frosty soda, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Takeout Containers

From burgers to sandwiches, these entirely compostable containers have got your back with a high level of grease, oil and heat resistance.


From pasta to a Pad Thai, these entirely compostable plates have got your back with a high level of grease, oil and heat resistance.


The kind of compostable trays that your catering business needs. Large enough to hold all of your food and your eco needs.

NuLinen Napkins

Whether you’re resting your drink or spill your drink, not to worry! These fancy napkins feel just like a tablecloth and will fit right in at your quality restaurant!

Food Containers

From pasta to a Pad Thai, these compostable bowls have got your back with a high level of grease, oil and heat resistance.


Bags are a necessity for any business doing take-out or that just need something packed in general like a grocery store. Why not hand out something you know isn’t going into the landfill?


For All Of Your Catering Needs!

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