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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve created a list of our most frequently asked questions so we can make sure that you get the answers you need as fast as possible! We continue to add to our list with FAQs.

Are your products actually biodegradable?

YES! Infact, we put so much time into making sure that we choose to buy ONLY from vendors that readily present their certifications from large, known, North American companies. This is taken very seriously as part of our transparency act. You can see all of our products certifications on the home page.

Is being eco-friendly actually that big of a deal?

Again YES! We post all of this material on our Facebook page! Give us a like and you can see for yourself that over 85% of Canadians are currently buying green and that many Canadians are going out of their way and actually paying more in order to decrease their environmental impact! Being green right now is more relevant than ever and to adopt it in its early stages would show massive commitment on your part and likely increase sales.

We love the environment but don't have the money to spare for expensive eco-products.

Hence, our existence! We are totally on board with you, which is why we created a company to open eco up to the world. We believe our products are the best on the market at the very best prices. We pride ourselves on being able to offer EVERYONE cheap, quality eco-friendly alternatives.

How much is shipping?

FREE! Yup, you heard us right! As part of our commitment to ensuring that every business has access to environmentally friendly products, shipping on orders with a value of more than $100 is free.

I'm a small business owner. Am I too small for you to work with?

NO! It is you, a small business, that makes a huge impact on lowering environmental footprint one business at a time. No business is too small to make a change, which is why we provide our products to businesses of all sizes. Whether you serve 100 drinks a day or 100 thousand, you can make a change!

What is the minimum order quantity?

Technically, there is no minimum order quantity but we suggest having orders larger than $100 as we provide free shipping above that. We also tend to work alongside businesses and help them grow but constantly working with you and providing free services rather than simply selling you a product.

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