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About PPG

Take a quick look into who we are, what we do and what we plan to do.

Alex Gunther

Alex has been a competitive athlete his whole life and knows what it’s like to work hard. He has spent a year touring with Disney on Ice as a performer. Alex loves to tour the world with friends and family! He is also an avid rock climber and cyclist.  Alex has a huge commitment to the environment because he has seen the world and what we have to lose!

Eric Wilson

 Eric has been a Martial Art practitioner since he could crawl, learning and growing his art form from Masters around the globe.   At an early age, Eric has also been involved with scouting and has always loved the outdoor life, especially hiking and winter/summer camping.  Along the way, Eric has made many new life-long friends.  He is very passionate about the health of our environment and strives to be able to make a positive impact, as our choices today will lead to a better tomorrow. 

Pat Poitevin

 Pat has been a member of PPG since just after its inception. He is a 35 years veteran of the RCMP and has added his wealth of knowledge, experience and passion to the PPG team. Pat has started several businesses and is the co-founder and managing director of the not-for-profit Canadian Centre of Excellence for Anti-Corruption. As an expert in ethics, compliance and anti-corruption, he combines his passion for business integrity with his environmental advocacy to ensure that PPG implements industry best practices in ethics and compliance when doing business with suppliers and customers. Vetting suppliers for their respect of the environment, human rights and ethical business practices is one of the Pat’s role at PPG along with supporting our marketing, communication, sales and customer relations efforts.

Derek O'Connell

Derek has been a member of PPG since nearly the beginning of the company. Derek provides key technical knowledge that helps keeps a business running. Derek also provides financial and accounting knowledge to the team. On top of helping run PPG, he has a family to take care of and runs a martial arts program for all ages.

We Care for the Environment

We at Personal Product Guys set our bar high when we purchase and order products in every regard. We make sure we buy from trusted sellers who are using appropriate methods to manufacture their products and to make sure that the products we buy have as little environmental impact as possible.

The Best Customer Experience Around

We work hard to make sure that everyone we work with and everyone that buys our products have the best experience possible before and after the sale.

High Quality Standards

We only sell products we believe in. All products are personally used and tested by our team!

People in Canada

straws used/person/day

Straw usage/day

It only takes one product to remove over 200 BILLION straws per year in North America!

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