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North American Made Compostables

The First Useable Compostable Straws.

“Where Eco Meets Budget” 




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Office Compostable Disposables Kit

The First Useable Compostable Straws

The Starter Kit is full of compostable straws, cups, cutlery and other dinnerware that will help your business make the big step of moving towards a greener, more compostable future. We are here to help reduce your footprint as much as possible, while fully understanding the uses of disposables in the workplace.



Restaurant Applications

Your restaurant is ready to take the next step. That step is becoming an environmentally conscious establishment.

Corporate Applications

Corporate businesses pave the way for every other business that looks up to it. Take a big step and become that role model that smaller businesses look up to!

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Really quite simple. Don’t like our product? Send it back! Email us to sort it out.  Our customer service representatives are incredible at what they do and we promise you, you will be satisfied with the experience.

Committed to Quality

We source our products with the environment and work conditions of the manufacturer at the front of our minds.  We only buy products that we know you will be satisfied with! 

Professional Customer Service

We don’t just simply sell products. You are a valued customer and we want to build a relationship with you. 

We take our customer’s advice and feedback seriously.   

We strive to constantly improve our customer service by listening to your needs and addressing any issues as quickly as possible!

We take the environment seriously

We believe that it’s our job to take care of this planet and take that job very seriously. In fact, the only other thing we take as seriously as the environment is your business. We pride ourselves in servicing the best customer service to our clients and won’t settle for anything short of that.

Interested in learning more?

Come and check out our facts page to learn some interesting facts about the environment and the plastics we waste.



“It is our job to make sure that we are aware of what we use and to pay attention to the materials that we waste. After all, if we don’t, it will be us and our younger generation that will suffer the impact of our negligence.”


– alex gunther, co-founder/co-owner ppg

Learn more about who we are

We believe transparency in what we do and who we are is the first step towards trust in our business. Take a closer look at who runs Personal Product Guys!

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